Yellow Jacket Nest

Every year these guys come back to the same spot near the house it seems. I was pulling weeds today and a few seconds later they came out.

What do I pour down the hole to get rid of them?

Do I have to go out there and dig the ground up afterwards and do something so they do not come back?

The reason I started this thread is that I am not as fast as I used to be back in the day, also I just do not feel like running.
We had those in Western Washington. I just put some powdered insecticide at the entrance and got clear. Next day the nest was dead, every time. Any powdered insecticide works. I do not know if diatomaceous earth works, but sevin does for sure. A tablespoon is more than enough.
Drone with a flamethrower.
I use Sevin Dust but you have to get it into the hole. Never attempt anything during the day. I put it into one of those cheap plastic Ketchup squeeze bottles. Go at night with a dim light so you can see and take a board like a 2 ft piece of 2x6 or 2x8. quickly squeeze the powder down the hole and drop the board over it and move away. It takes them a min or so to try and get out and the board will slow them down but dont dilly dally. There movement in the nest will stir up the powder and they will move it around. In a day or so the nest should be dead but still be carefull when you pull the board away. Do that at night too
Sevin is the way to go. The insects pick up the dusk as they enter the burrow and take it down to the nest. No liquid or aerosol will do that so effectively.
I see what you are saying, I have been stung before and it is not something I want to have happen again. The last time I got stung at a Golf Course I fell down and could not move for a minute.
If you’re that sensitive to it you really should hire a pro.