Xtreme Solutions Poly Seal Review

Apr 30, 2013
Tinton Falls NJ


In late spring I purchased a bottle of Xtreme Solutions Poly Seal after seeing many positive reviews, some on very reputable YouTube channels. The idea is that, with current chemistry and blending technology, this product could replace most paint sealants in terms of durability and gloss. It is projected to last 6+mo, has good chemical resistance, and produces very high gloss readings. I've been using this elusively on my wife's X5 for ~8mo. Here are my thoughts:

Application: Poly Seal is a milky green liquid that I used primarily by spraying into a microfiber towel and then wiping off with another microfiber towel. It goes on with a little more resistance than some detail sprays like D156, Optimum Instant Detailer & Gloss Enhancer, or Menzerna Paint Refresh but easier than liquid sealants like Wolfgang Deep Gloss Pain Sealant. Poly Seal can be applied to all exterior surfaces which is nice. 7/10​
Removal: It was not always easy to remove. It came off relatively easily but tended to be slightly grabby and left streaks on gloss black plastic like B-pillar trim. It became hard to remove on parts of the car that were in the sun, right up there with really difficult waxes in terms of effort. This was a big drawback for me. I also tried it as a drying aid which worked rather poorly it would create spotting and streaking if you sprayed more than one panel ahead of where you were wiping (note that a drying aid is not its primary/intended use). 5/10​
Gloss: There's not much to say other than it produces great gloss. That initial super high gloss will last through 1-2 car washes before it starts to relent (not saying it isn't still glossy). No complaints here. 9/10​
Durability: It has been asserted that this product will last 6-9mo. After a few rounds of using it I'd say you'll get maybe 3 months of good beading and gloss in nominal conditions. I recently reapplied Poly Seal anticipating that it might carry me through winter, yet after two winter weather events with salt on the road and over a span of 4 washes, water beading on the hood is present but the beads have a poor contact angle (kind of flat), the sides have switched to sheeting, and there are some spots showing up on the rear bumper that look like iron fallout. Of course this doesn't mean the protection is gone, but it's no longer at its peak which doesn't portend well for overall durability. After 2.5 months in summer and 1.5 month in winter it was no longer hydrophobic enough to let me do a contactless air dry due to the amount of time it would take to get around the car, forcing me to do contact drys. This is a let down. 5/10​

In summary, if you live in a climate that doesn't have large swings in weather (necessitating road salt) and you can apply this product exclusively in the shade, Poly Seal might be a good product for you. If you cannot claim those things then I'd say this product is a pass. Overall I found it disappointing after all of the reviews I saw before purchasing it. Even though not quite as easy as a spray, I've gotten a year out of 2 coats of Jescar Power Lock+ sealant which I do recommend. This experience also served to contrast how impressive the ceramic coating on my other car is and made me wish I went that route instead. Overall 6/10
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