Woohoo! Got some German Syntec! Now what?

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Apr 22, 2003
Southern California
I mean should I put it in the new van (2004 Sienna-3,200 miles) which only calls for 5w30 per the manual or the much older Trooper which can take pretty much heavier weight oil? This stuff is quite pricey. I paid $4.99 per quart at the local Autozone but I was so excited to see it that at first the cost did not really hit me until I got home I realized what I paid. Anyway just want to ask you guys: At which point (mileage-wise) should I switch the van to synthetic? Currently it's running dealer oil after the old Pennzoil was changed out. Will you use the Syntec 0W30 in Arizona temperatures? If not, what weight oil do you recommend? I'll be driving there this weekend. Thanks for your opinions. [Smile]
Use it in your van. It will do fine in the dry Arizon heat. I'm using it in my Chrysler, which calls for 10w30 "only."
I put the same exact stuff into my Saab yesterday so I say put it in the van. I'm in GA where it gets plenty hot and humid, plus I've got a turbo motor, so heat's a real problem. I'm sure this stuff will hold up but I'm looking forward to an interesting UOA in 5000 miles.
Originally posted by tenderloin: Where did you buy it? TIA [Razz]
I bought the oil at Autozone. They had only 5 bottles left but a lot of the Made in the USA version. I really made sure that I picked the bottle that says Made in Germany (red label). Thanks for your advice. Although I have to have the dealer do my oil changes to keep up the warranty I'll put in 3 oz. of auto-rx and then change out the dealer oil at around 500 miles and then put the Syntec in. That way I will have a little bit more protection in case this Sienna turns out to be a sludge monster (I hope not!). Should be good for 5k miles at least. [Smile]
ive already got 2300 miles on my 3 week old german syntec. i didnt burn any oil driving to las vegas and back last week in 100-110 degree weather. i was driving at 90 mph the whole way which is equates to 5000 rpms for around 300 miles in the desert in my b16a civic. hopefully ill have a UOA soon because i always beat on my vehicle and i want to know how the oils holding up.
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