WooHoo, bought GC @ $! off and got a hot wheels to boot!

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Aug 22, 2002
Eastern Idaho, south of West Yellowstone
Seems someone bought up the N.A. 0w30 Syntec so my local AZ now has GC. And on sale (coupon) at $1.00 off! They also threw in a free hot wheels car for the grandkids. "Castrol Syntec has teamed up with Funkmaster Flex to bring you these special edition custom rides to you - available at Autozone while supplies last."

Where did you get the coupon? So did you pay the sale price at AZ $3.99/qt - $1.00 coupon?
Hmmmm, I wonder if that was a coupon from Pep Boys or some other auto parts chain. I believe Pep Boys does have Castrol Syntec on sale this week.

Does AutoZone even have a sales flier with coupons in it? I've never seen one.
Recently, both O'Reilly's and Advance have had Castrol Syntec oils on sale for $3.99ish. So it makes sense that local Autozone stores would run an in-store special or something like that. You shouldn't need a coupon. I took a newspaper ad to AZ and they matched the price.
I bought 15 quarts at 3.96 at AZ - made them price match Advance Auto @ 3.97 so I saved .30 total

Also got a coupon from Pep Boys website that sells Purolator filters 2 for $3.00 (after 2.00 rebate). The clerks have been charging just 1.50 for a Premium Plus that normally costs $3.99 !!
Limit 4 (per purchase) + I get to send in the rebate so these things will actually only cost 50 cents in the end.

It's great to browse the online sales flyers!
I couldn't find any of the new 229.5 rated GC even after 5 Autozones...I guess you could say I ended up with a set of Cold Wheels; however, I did get a new set of Pirelli P Zeros today for the Audi...I think I am in love.
pscholte: Which PZero's? I had a set of the PZero Rosso's (225-45-17) on my '01 S4 Avant...an excellent 3-season performance tire.
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