Wireless charging not dependable. Why?

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Feb 18, 2011
Hudson, NH
Got an Atomi Fast Charge Wireless charger for Christmas. Using it with a Galaxy s7 and the adaptive wall charger the phone came with. Was great for a couple of days. Not having to plug it in is awesome. Was very happy with it. Then two days later... I started getting a "wireless charging paused" notification on my phone. The Atomi pad was shutting off completely. I googled and many reviews say its junk, stopped working, returned for something else. Then I started reading reviews of other wireless chargers to find a better one. Same complaint. Even the Branded Samsung wireless charger has complaints about reliability and paused charging. Before I threw the charger away, tried an older generic wall charger without the fast adaptive stuff just to see what happens. Haven't had a problem since. Charges slower, and IMO for the better. Fast wireless charging was making the phone heat up. It doesn't do that anymore Anyone else having problems with fast wireless charging?
No experience with wireless charging, but my new phone also heats up on the fast charger and just like you I decided to use the slow charger form the old phone to charge overnight. I will use the fast charger when I need a quick boost, no need to fast charge when I'm sleeping.
Mine works pretty good. About 5 times a year the charging will stop at around 75%. Other then that, no problems.
I'm wondering if the problem(s) is actually the white Samsung adaptive fast charger wall plug. If it shuts off power, or if the wireless charger senses the rapid charge changes as a problem and turns itself off.
If the phone isn't lined up correctly on the pad it will not charge with the correct rate or at all.
I was hoping it was something simple like alignment. But this particular wireless pad has different LEDs to tell you if somethings off like alignment, finished charging, etc. Not what's happening here. Phone puts up a notification saying wireless charging is paused, and the wireless charger has no LED's. Dead. I have to unplug the wall outlet and plug it back in. Does not happen with a standard wall charger.
I'd guess it's built-in overheat protection 'pausing' the charging. Samsung just came off a huge corporate nightmare with battery fires and inductive charging is wasteful and heat generating, albeit convenient. Doubt they're taking chances with batteries right now.
I have had zero problems with the actual act of wireless charging. I have a wireless charger that I bought May 2015 to use when I got my Nexus 6. I used it until May 2017 when I switched to an iPhone 6 as I awaited for the next gen of iPhone's to come out. I now have an iPhone 8 that charges every night on the same charging pad. The only problem I have is that the back of the iPhone 8/8+/X is glass, so it slides off while charging. I think the newer pads accommodate this better but I've put some dabs of hot glue on the charger and it works fine. My charger is a Choetech Stadium. It's no longer available, but Choetech does still make wireless chargers. I'd be looking at something in the phone or in the specific charger and yes, alignment is key. Mine has 3 coils on it to make the alignment less of an issue. How many amps does the wall wort put out?
I use a cheap "KoolPad" brand wireless charger I bought off amazon. It works perfect with my S6 edge. I've had it for over a year.
I'm using a Samsung "Fast" wireless charger with my N8. It only messed up on me once. I woke up and the charge indicator on the charger was blinking. I took the phone off and re-positioned it and it was ok. I have the EP-NG930TBUGUS because it was free with the phone and works well.
I'm assuming that the wireless charging setup is effectively a transformer with one winding in the charging base, the other winding in the phone? If so, I'd assume the geometry isn't right, so the fields don't align, and then one cannot get sufficient current.
Problem solved. I let the s7 drain all the way down to 20% and laid it on the charging pad using the old(er) Samsung charger. Approx 1.5 hours later it was green on both. Picked it up, no heat. Took longer but all was good. To the left is the problem for this Atomi wireless charger pad. The latest greatest Samsung Adaptive Fast Charger which works for a while, then pauses charging and shuts off the pad. To the right, the old(er) wall charger that came with my S3 that works fine but does not fast charge.
I don't know if this helps with wireless charging, but in the software settings of the S7 you can disable fast charging. That white Samsung adaptive charger is then no longer a problem when plugged in directly. No need to heat the battery when you're not in a hurry, as KrisZ wrote.
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