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What kind of vehicle? I notice Bosch wipers are crazy expensive if bought at a retail store.
Yes, I bought for my ex MBZ online for 30%, whatever they were selling it locally on NAPA or dealer.
middle of the rd Bosch were 22 so an extra couple for “best” autozone Nothing worse than poor wipers in poor conditions, gotta have em
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I hit the local job lots store. They usually have wipers at good prices. Under 5$. Lasted just as long as Anco or Trico. Both cars came with good wipers.
Yea this is about right for the aero wiper style on the newer european cars, or the ones that have special connectors to the wiper arm. The J hook is long gone on most models now.
even Trico Ultra from Walmart is only $17 each, or $35 for the pair. Made in USA smile If even that is too much, there's the Trico Flex for about $25 for the pair, but they are made in Mexico.
My car has a odd size passenger wiper, there is literally NO aftermarket replacement. Thankfully Nissan offers refills... and if you DO use a aftermarket wiper on the drivers side, it blocks the sprayer. This is crazy stupid.
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I've bought top quality Denso and AC Delco blades from Rock Auto for less than $5 each, and shipping was cheap for 8 blades (3 cars).
I buy blade style wipers from Rock auto once a year for my 2 cars. I get all 4 blades including shipping for what 2 blades would cost at Walmart. About $25.00.
I've been using Anco Transform blades for over 2 years now. And by that I mean, the same blades. These are absolutely the best blades I have ever run - hands down. They are a Hybrid design that have the aerodynamic shape like the beam blades but still have springs on them. Anyway, they are normally $7.50 each but Rockauto has them for $3.50 on a wholesaler closeout I believe. I picked up an extra set to replace mine but they just keep going. I can't recommend them enough. I have used several different brands and styles (including the expensive ones) and these are definitely where it's at!
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And they will last 6 months just like the non premium blades.
This that's why I get my blades at Walmart $3.48 a blade replace them when I do my OCI in Oct and again in May. They work as good as ones that cost three or four times as much.
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