Why the hate for ethanol from an engineering perspective?

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Jul 11, 2014
Paradise of Florida
Where are the BTU's?

What about the aldehyde pollution, overlooked and ignored, similar to how particulate soot was ignored when GDI was pushed on the masses?

I don't care about power. Some of us run 600 miles on a tank of E0 pure gas and 550 miles on E10. How far will my car go with E85? 400 miles?

So, I crank my boost from 16psi to 22psi.... wow, my mpg just dropped some more too. Going to be a little annoyed filling up more often with my 220 mile daily commute. Can't even get an overhyped in the other thread Kia GT EV since it battery would be dead before I get to my garage charger.

0-60, boost, and HP are nothing but a tape measuring contest and meaningless to the commuting masses.

Where are the sugar/yeast fuel-ethanol producers? Are there any other than Brazil? So, yes, what was left out of this thread is that fact that choices were a complete failure.

I voted for Butanol blends!

BTW, FFV usually includes improvements to the fuel system and engine. These parts in contact with ethanol are tougher. There is more than a tune and alcohol/fuel ratio sensor.
Not open for further replies.