Why is GC (Syntec 0W-30) no longer VW 503 01 rated

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Quattro- with your label, and the two different labels from the GC I bought yesterday, there are 3 different GC labels. yours has only SL in the donut and under the donut: SL, SJ/CF one of mine: only SL in the donut, and below: SL,SJ code M111616 on the other: SL/CF in the donut, below: SL,SJ,CF code M110396
ledslinger, the one I posted was from a bottle with a date code of M111906, so technically it should have been the latest. Front looks like this:
Your front label is different than on either of my bottles. It says SYNTEC in big letters with "Unlock The Power" underneath, and "Proven Power Technology" Three different labels in one year. CF not on the label dated June, but on the ones from Feb and August.
Is there any particular reason you're concerned about GC meeting/not-meeting API CF, other than Castrol's label mess? I don't think this oil's ever been marketed towards diesel engines.
No concern, it's just another spec dropped like the VW 503.01. Probably removing a couple of obsolete specs that don't serve to sell the product and may add confusion.
Maybe obsolete in terms of the target market for GC. Here is an answer from Mobil's FAQs about CF rating. Castrol could use the same logic. Answer: Originally, Mobil 1 15W-50 was approved for API CF but because most diesels today require a higher quality, we elected to stop claiming API CF for the product. For older diesels where API CD or API CF, Mobil 1 15W-50 would still provide these level of protection even though it is no longer approved for this application. A much better Mobil 1 product for your application is Mobil 1 Turbo Diesel Truck.
Quattro-I suppose the general tone of this thread is likely a concern for downgrading GC, and if loss of these certs my indicate this.
Understood, although its seems like they're dropping obsolete specs here. I'm not concerned about it, personally. I'm also wondering how it works from royalty perspective. The more specs you list, the more you have to pay to mfgs and cert. institutes for every bottle you sell? If that's the case, I can understand why oil companies would want to limit the list of specs they carry, especially if they already have another oil in their portfolio that satisfies those specs.
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