why ethanol blended gas sucks

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I have been buying gas with 10% ethanol for the last 4 months and my Maxima runs superbly on it. My fuel economy has not been compromised and I get 90 octane fuel at 87 octane prices at Husky and Mohawk gas stations.
another reason why ethanol sucks:



hmmm i have a 99 ta ls1 car that has similair problems.....what i found was the fuel lines and fuel rail was rusted badly causing leaking injectors...computer never set a code till it stopped running....ran this way for years....inside of the engine was badly sludged up...after fixing everything in the fuel system the inside is starting to look a little better...bought the car with 25k on it...stopped running @ 50k...has 67k on it now.Also i tried running the catch can deal and found yes it stopped the oil from going into the intake BUT after fixing the fuel system problem it stopped using excessive oil...the fuel was washing the oil down and pcv system was pulling it into the manifold.TRY THIs...pull the dipstick and smell it...does it have a strong fuel smell?Also do yourself a big favor and pull the fuel line off the at the frt where the rubber fuel line comes off and goes to the fuel rail....look inside the steel line.I have a link to gm's site that explains the trouble...by the way i spend over 3600 fixing this mess...they claim the ethonal is causing it.Read here under returnless fuel systems..really made me mad because the dealers will lie thier azzes off about this mess.The inside of the fuel rails also rust badly because the ethanol holds water but the water can't get through the injectors so it sits inside the rail just rusting it to pieces....my rail actually had pin holes from the inside out....i talked with a tech that runs a LS1 shop and told me its very common on these cars...of course gm is NOT fixing it or coming up with a solution....tech told me he mods the system with a fuel pres regulator at the rail with a return line...nomo trouble after that because the water goes bk to the tank which is plastic. Local dealer admited this is a huge problem with new gm trucks using this returnless fuel system.Also the dealer tech was the only honest guy in the entire bunch...he told me flat out its because of the ethanol...he said noone whats to admit it.The warranty refused to pay for it claiming fuel contamination...i had to pay the entire bill...New fuel pump ***,new fuel lines,new fuel rail,new injectors,new rubber hoses..total was over 3600 dollars http://service.gm.com/gmtechlink/images/issues/cnt_mo/TLcme.html#story7

A few ethanol factoids/info:
1) Ethanol plants have roughly a 1.6 net energy benefit, counting the DGS and other bi-products
2) No publications by Dr. Pimental have been peer review. Many who refute is claims have had their research peer reviewed.
3) Ethanol plants are constantly improving their efficiency
4) Cellulosic ethanol will take over grain based ethanol in the next 5 to 10 years. This will take net energy from ethanol to 3:1 or more.
5) The oil industry has received thousands of times more subsidies than the ethanol industry, and continues to receive them in times of record profits.
6) Grain for ethanol does not displace human food consumption, though it may increase animal feed costs by 10%
7) Feeding a cow grain is a 10% efficient process, far worse than ethanol's conversion
8) Producing gasoline is only 88 percent efficient, so ethanol production yields roughly twice the net energy of gasoline.

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"7) Feeding a cow grain is a 10% efficient process, "

Grain fed cows taste 10% better than range cows. That's good enough for me.
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