Who makes the best GM 3.1 Intake manifold gasket?

Dec 19, 2013
Finally have the time to do the intake manifold gaskets on my '96 Cutlass Ciera.
I have searched the web a bit, but can't find a definitive answer of who makes the best improved gasket set for a 3.1.
So far I have heard Fel-Pro and Victor Reinz, but was under the impression Reinz was no more.
Any suggestions or examples would be appreciated.
I used the Fel-Pro 'Problem Solver' gasket on my 2002 Buick Century and it's definitely better than what came as OE....properly installed it should last much longer than OE.
I believe the problem with the 3.1 IM gasket was a combination of poor gasket design (which the Fel-Pro PS solves) and not enough bolts holding the IM in place (which the FPPS does not solve).
For the 3.1 Fel-Pro perma dry plus, for the 3.8 GM OW latest design. On the 3.1 use new manifold bolts and Nord-Lock washers, you only need 8.
Use the Fel-Pro or OE intake bolts, torque to spec. I have done a couple of these where the intake bolts had loosened a little.

There are 2 gasket sets for this depending on the type of rockers used and if it uses guides or not. You probably wont know until you pop the covers.
If using the Fel-Pro sets you will need the additional gaskets.
I used the Fel-Pro PermaDryPlus MS98004T on my 1994 Grand Am at 192k miles in Dec-2009. They were fine at 253k miles in Feb-2021 when I stopped driving it due to head gasket failure.
Fel-Pro PermaDry it is then.
@Trav, I had no idea about the bolt replacement, nor the tendency for the bolts to loosen. I will have to order those bolts and washers.
Thank you everyone for your help, it is greatly appreciated.