Who makes Canadian Tire brand oil?

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May 23, 2004
I was wondering if Canadian tire Brand of synthetic oil is any good? They are the lowest priced synthetic oil out there!

Does any one have any info on who makes them?
Esso used to supply CDN Tire oil for many years up until appro 2 years ago in which Shell won the contract. I have no idea how good there synthetic oil is, I don't think CDN Tire would spec out a top of the line oil as they are always trying to keep their prices as low as possible to compete with stores like Walmart, etc. But as with any oil, regular oil /filter changes is more important than oil brand, as long as it is a SL oil::::: the body should fall off the vehicle before the motor wears out!!!!whether its CDN tire oil or other Brand names, IMO.
I need the oil for my high mileage VW golf. the car is 14 years old and has 260,000 KM on it. The engine is in mint shape with no blow by and still gets 670 KM per 50L tank.

I dont know if it is worth switching to synthetic or just use the cheapest brand of oil that is on sale!
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