which oil to use with e85 as race fuel?

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Jan 2, 2012
I did a few searches and found nothing. Any guidelines or recommendations on which race oil to use with e85 in autoX car? Is Oil dilution a bigger factor with e85? I know RP says XPR will work with ethanol, but unsure of Redline or others. XPR is $17/qt! Any specifics on OCI? Car is 1.8L SC with over 300WHP revving to 9k rpm. Not a ton of time at redline vs. track car.... Thanks in advance!
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E85 tends to burn cleaner so fuel dilution (blow-by) isn't as much of an issue as a lot of people think. A high quality oil is good to run in your situation, you would probably be able to get AMSOIL, or RL cheaper than the XPR and are every bit as good or better.
Thanks! I thought some of the dilution had to do with the water absorption of the e85. thoughts?
IMO, e-85 use leaves open the possibility of impact on oil from fuel than e-10 and non-alcohol containing fuels.
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