Which Mobil 1 ?

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Apr 21, 2003
Have been monitoring this site for some time now and have done numerous searches to help me decide. Have the '03 F-150 4x4 with the 5.4. Engine has 8k on it. First 2 changes were with the motorcraft 5w20. Currently have the Havoline 10w-30 synthetic in. Want to run the full synthetic Mobil 1. Will be changing oil between 3-5k. No more than 5K. Summers in Detroit area usually see 90f+ in the thick of summer and close to 0 deg.f in dead of winter. I am at 50% highway and 50% city. That highway number is soon to drop as I have acquired a "beater" car for work commutes ( 83 miles round trip). I have narrowed my choices down to M1 10w-30, 0w-30, and 0w-40. I will not run the 20 weight. I have seen the numbers so far and am impressed, however, I do not feel comfortable running it. Sorry so long and thank you in advance.
Don't follow my advice because even I don't use it.

50% M1 10w30 with 50% M1 15w50.

I'm not in a gas saving mood today so that's todays formulation. It might change tomorrow.
I'd go with 10w-30, 5w-30 or 0w-40. The only way to really see what is best is to try them all and have them analyzed. If you don't want to go throught that, I'd use the 10w-30/0w-40 in summer and 5w-30 in winter. Now that I think about it, 0w-30 might benefit you in the winter being in Michigan.

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I vote for 10W-30. I have used it a lot over the last 6 or 7 years in Pa. Its gotten close to -20 F and no problem. I think 10W-30 is great stuff.

I'm with AL! Go 10W-30 M1 My father ran it in his 99 5.4L Expedition on 6K drain intervals and it held up fine. No noticeable oil consumption in that period.
Thanks guys, I have been leaning towards the 0w-40 year round. I have seen some good things about it. Perhaps I may not need it that thick though. I have seen some comments about the mobil 30's being a little thin. Any comments on the 0w-40?
Thanks again!

Originally posted by detroitford:
... Any comments on the 0w-40?

Woohoo!!! Another open ended question.

That stuff thins out to much. I'd rather use Mobil D1 5w40 or Amsoil 10w40.

D1 is unobtainium around here, even the truck stops don't have it. I can buy Amsoil at the Duck shop and Redline at Napa.
Ford? 0/5w20 until warranty expires

0/5w30 winter use

10w30 summer use

0w40 after 200k miles

15w50 is you have oil burning/seal leakage issues

10w40 is you don't mind homebrew(5w30+15w50 mix)

There are other brands out there too!
Try your local Ducati (Duck) dealer or Buell MC shop. If any bike needs a superior oil its those two. Just looking in the yellow pages turns up more Amsoil dealers than I thought possible.


Originally posted by buster:


I can buy Amsoil at the Duck shop

I can't find Amsoil anywhere around here. Do many people have Amsoil in retail stores near them?

Do they have motor oil though, or just bike oil? I went through the yellow pages and found nothing. I'll have to look for bike shops I guess.
Whenever I used Mobil 1 in my cars, it seemed like the 5W30 was too thin. The 10W30 ran great, even in the wintertime. The 10W30 probably flows as good in cold weather as a typical conventional 5W30. But if a person lived somewhere where it was very cold, you could use 0W30 or 5W30 in the wintertime. I really liked the 10W30, however. It ran flat out great no matter what the weather. I did not like the 5W30.

You can use 10W-30 or 0W-40 with confidence.

For extreme applications, you might consider

Also, consider Delvac 1 5w-40 from Mobil.


Would you go with Delvac-1 over M1 15w50 for Summer driving about 6k highway miles in 2 months.I'm ready to go buy at $21/gal at the local Freightliner store.It's about the same price.Currently,I'm using Havoline synthetic 5W-40.Would you go the distance with it?Thanks.
If you are looking for Amsoil, just search any search engine on the net (Yahoo, MSN, Google or other). You'll get more than you ever dreamed and can also get it at wholesale if you sign up to be a preferred customer. You could also go to one of the site sponsors. Getting Amsoil products over the shelf is a hit and miss deal depending where you are.
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