which conventionals are currently top notch

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Mar 15, 2013
Well I did some reading quite a bit actually I was off work and had plenty of time.
I have decided to stick to conventional at 5,000 miles in the 2014 focus. My reasons are this being a di motor and their lack luster repore in general it makes me feel more comfortable. Also being a mechanic I see a fair amount of engines. The ones that are going longer than 5000 miles generally aren't as clean. Don't flame me please it has just been what I have noticed. I read keeping the oil clean is one of the best things you can do to help di carbon build up. Also I'm running pp in the focus and the oil is at about 5000 miles and it's noticeably darker than my mom's 09 focus with 80,000miles while doing 7500oci on it. Which makes me think the di 2.0 is harder on oil than the old 2.0. So maybe I am wrong abut all of this but I'd rather play it safe than have an issue down the road with carbon build up on valves ect.
I plan on doing oci on the pt every 6 months which is probably about 4 to 5000 miles but it's mostly short tripped and dodge ram gets it every 6 months to.
So in the focus which would be a good oil to use? I'd like to stick with something and not change based on a sale. I am considering Mobil super vwb as my tops but any opinion or recommendarion is appreciated .
My personal opinion puts Pennzoil yellow bottle as the king of conventionals. But the Valvoline and Mobil products are excellent. Honestly any name brand with the proper specs will serve you well for the life of your vehicle so pick the one you like.
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My vote is VWB


I did a test with VWB, M1, Amsoil and ST Syn at 5000 miles, all within 1-2ppm and plenty of tbn remaining.
As long as it is rated API "SN" and ILSAC GF-5 it's next to impossible to buy a "bad" oil. My favorite though, is PYB. No real reason to support that, it's just my preference.
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I agree pyb, but practically speaking any of the majors that hit the correct specs are likely within a very small range versus one another.

Some no name junk is anyone's guess, but any name brand you'll find is going to be fine. Some engines seem to better with some brands for reasons unknown, probably having to do with metallurgy versus add pack chemistry, but even that likely is splitting hairs.
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I have decided to stick to conventional at 5,000 miles in the 2014 focus.

The owner's manual is a little ambiguous, but prefers that you use a motor oil that meets Ford's WSS-M2C945–A. You can use whatever you want but Motorcraft Synthetic Blend is ~$18 for 5qt at WalMart and is a well regarded oil on BITOG. The Motorcraft FL-910S is ~$4 at either Amazon or Walmart.

I have 10,500 miles on mine. Enjoy the car!
All the oils mentioned here are good choices there is no best oil that i know of. Pennzoil is a good oil but so are the others mentioned i like mobil 5000 also and their oil can be had reasonable i paid $12.97 at wal-mart FOR a 5 QT container a few months back. I get oil cheaper by the drum but we have limited space at the shop and i do most of my oil changes at home on my own cars so its a lot neater to just buy my oil in jugs at WM.
Don't overpay for oil when its all basically the same it's just smarter to save because it can really add up fast. The old saying goes a fool and his or her money are soon parted.
Chevron does not have a fancy retail marketing effort and I don't think it's popular among BITOG folks but still it's a very good oil. Many Costco stores have it at a very good price.
Pyb and vwb and qs defy(blend) are my favorites but I think you would be hard pressed to find a less than good oil these days. Supertech or any house oils are very good so buy on price if you have no personal preference.
Since you're about to start working at a Ford dealership, buy Motorcraft oil and filters over the counter at employee discount price!
As said before, any certified API SN/GF-5 will do. I like Havoline, VWB and MS5K. No reason, just today's picks.
For a new Focus I would have to say stay with the Motorcraft especially if it calls for 5w-20..It's hard to beat.I trust it in my Mustang GT/CS.
I just bought a 2014 Focus and used PYB for my first OCI at 1900 miles. I cut open the factory filter and it looked good.

If I was sticking with conventional oil it would probably be PYB or QSAD because of their low NOACK numbers which seems important in a DI engine.

I'll probably go to synthetic after a few dino OCIs mainly because it's a PITA to take the shield off the undercarriage for an oil change. I'd extend the OCI on synthetic to 7 or 8K (or more) depending on UOA info.

PS: I searched for UOAs on this DI engine but couldn't find any.....has anybody seen any?
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