Where is the oil gospel printed?

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Dec 2, 2003
Metro Detroit
Originally posted by Flashlightboy: [snip] Let's start a fight [/snip]
OK. My dad is bigger than your dad! :-Þ [Big Grin] IMO, this web site is the oil gospel. Bits and pieces of oily information goodness are everywhere. The more you read, the more you'll find out.
I'm grouchy because my venti sized Starbucks hasn't kicked in yet and so I'm firing in random directions. I've read many of the UOAs and inevitably someone says something similar to "Hmmm. Silicon looks a tad high" or "pb wear is good for this interval" or "good report but boron is elevated." Other posts say that you just can't establish baseline numbers for every application and that it's just an oil crap shoot. Please don't tell me about the obvious problems such an AF. Let's start a fight and perhaps someone can teach me something I don't know. So, for those who say that certain readings are out of spec (and I don't mean what Blackstone or other labs say comaring universal averages) just where are people getting these numbers? Where is the gospel printed and where do I get my copy? There, I feel better but I'd still like an answer to my question.
Yeah, the only 'gospel' I needed to hear was Mobil 1 synthetic oil and Purolator PureONE filters. Now I'm just hooked on the comic relief that this religion provides....
The gospel is called "Experience" and there are no shortcuts. These Gen X slackers think you can Google anything... [Wink] LOL! Sorry, but I had to Venti... [Smile] Tooslick
yes, but an experienced fool is still a fool. And no more or less a fool than the one who believes the gospel can be found on a web forum.
Originally posted by TooSlick: The gospel is called "Experience" and there are no shortcuts. Tooslick
A a friend who teaches band in middle school says, "Practice doesn't make perfect, practice makes permanent." [Big Grin] There's folks with 20 years experiance and then there's folks with 1 year's experiance 20 times.
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