Where Do You Get The Shell Rebate Coupons?

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Sep 23, 2007
Northern New York
I’m not seeing any of them around if the retail stores. I grab my annual tractor oil T6 at WallyWorld last week and since then I’ve been lookin for the coupon you need to send in. I’m not seeing any near the Oil displays. I looked it up online and see some kind of process on their website once you go through it seems to go nowhere. I gave up on that after two tries originally thinking that they email me the coupon in my inbox . Any ideas?
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I haven't seen the coupons you are talking about, but I had a horrible time submitting my rebate materials online after buying some PPPP 0W20 for my daughter's Impreza. Every time I would enter all my info and hit "Continue", I would bounce back to the same info screen with everything I had typed in deleted! I finally got through it after some emails were sent to me about my "incomplete rebate entries". After I clicked the data entry link in one of those emails and typed all my info in AGAIN, I was able to proceed to a page where I uploaded a scan of my receipt and was able to complete my entry. ????? Haven't seen the rebate yet, but this was only a few weeks ago. I would guess that manufacturers would prefer to go to an all online rebate process rather than have to deal with snail mail entries, I'm sure they would save lots of money as a result.
I did the Rotella T6 online rebate a few weeks back. Bought 3 gallons to service the Cummins. Got the check 2 weeks after submission.
Tried the online at least twice and it kept kicking back. Must be my using an iPad and not windowsl as it just won’t go through. I see they make it quite clear you can’t send in copies in the fine print as well . mad Looks like they really want us to not send those rebates in. [censored] now i see Penzoil has the same thing going with the same site setup. I grabbed a5qt jug of that day before yesterday and probably tossed the receipt cry I can’t win with these clowns.
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