What to do after ARX?

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Sep 22, 2004
New Brunswick
I plan on ordering 2 bottles of AutoRX for my Cutlass Cruiser wagon in a few weeks, and already I'm wondering what to do after both treatment cycles are done. Since I'll only be using 8 ounces per treatment cycle, I'll still have 8 ounces left at the end of 2 cycles. Should I split the 8 ounces in half and use them as a maintainence dose after both cycles are done or do a third treatment cycle, or give the 8 ounces to my brother to use in his Civic? One question I have, if during the ARX treatment cycle, if you need to add some topup oil due to a leak, do you add ARX to the topup oil?
Use Esso XD-3 0W30 HDEO as your motor oil and keep the ARX on hand for the next sludged up engine you encounter? Neither the 3.3, nor the 2.8, nor the 3.1 GM V6 engines are known for being hard on oil or being sludge-prone.
I thought a non-synthetic oil was recommended after the treatments were done? I just don't want to mess this up. It's not too often that I would spend this kind of money on a car. I'm not sure of the maintainence history of the wagon, but I do know the previous owner, a woman, put a lot of money into it, judging by the receipts in her name dating back to '99. Water pump, starter, alternator, crank sensor, oil pan, tranny filter and fluid, exhaust from the cat back, tie-rod ends, brakes, A/C system converted to R134a was all done in the space of a few years. I do see a bunch of receipts showing oil changes, so I assume she more or less kept up with that end of it too, but I think I'll do 2 treatment cycles anyway, can't be too sure of how the internals look. I think when I get my ARX in, I'll divide up the bottles, I'll take 16 ounces and give my brother 8 to use in his Civic.
A non-synth oil is recommend for the actual treatments themselves. Once the treatments are done, using a synth oil is perfectly fine, and in fact, generally recommended around here.
Ah, I see. I suppose after 2 treatment cycles the seals would be good and set, so there shouldn't be an issue with a synthetic causing a leak. What would you recommend during the actual treatment cycles? I see some people here say a good HDEO would make a fine choice so I think that is probably what I would do.
Originally posted by medic: I'm sure he is talking about using the XD-3 after everything (clean and rinse) is done. That'll keep you engine clean and you shouldn't need an maint dose of Auto RX.
ARx maint dose can be seen as a means of keeping an engine clean. It's not how I do it, but seems like a valid method. Reasonable oil change intervals with good oil don't always do the job. My 95 GMC had 6k mile changes on M1 since breakin and ARx helped a lot with a running problem at 100k miles.
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