what size lines-98 corolla transmission,flush...

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Aug 8, 2005
stamford, CT
Hi all! 98 toyota corolla. Am gunna do a tranny flush in week or so. never did it before but have watched countless vids so it seems fairly easy to do. I need to get some line..fuel line or plastic line, too connect too the return line on the radiator. what size lines are they? Tried googline napa, autozone, advance auto, under radiators, hoping too find the line measurements..not listed. want too connect the plastic/fuel line too radiator tranny port, and into a bog oil change container.
I think my 94 Camry was 3/8". Thats a very common size. I use to do a flush for that vehicle using the outlet side of my Magnefine filter. Of course to be safe, buy 2' of 3/8" and 5/16". Its cheap by the foot at HomeDepot. You want clear vinyl tubing, need to see possible air bubbles in the ATF flow.
is it possible, to use a drill as a air tool? I was watching ericthecarguy on youtube do this witha tranny filter and gasket replacement. he used a drill, with the socket attached too the chuck, set on 15, and used it too tighten the tranny pan bolts...instead of a hand ratchet* would this method really work/?
It would work, there are 1/4" hex socket adapters that fit on both drill drivers and their impact driver brethren. Most 18V kits have an impact wrench variant with a 3/8 or 1/2 socket driver in place of the chuck. While the drill driver would be slower on tool changes, it would be a little safer as to final torque than any kind of impact. I prefer to seat lightly and finish-off with the torque wrench.
thanks! i have a torque wrench, but misplaced. i plan on tightenting the pan bolts with a rathet and my hands, no torque wrench. figure just as the bolt wont turn anymore, its snug n tight* or no?
Snug up the bolts with a 1/4" ratchet in a cross-cross pattern and you'll be fine.
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