What is the OEM Mercedes oil these days? (new C63 owner)

Mar 16, 2021
My understanding is that the non-AMG oils aren't Mobil, I think Petronas?

I used the most recent AMG 0w-40 data sheet, there are like 6 or so of them, three from 2017, three from 2020.
Correct > on the " MB Genuine Engine oil 5W-40 " with the MB229.5 spec. the text on the bottles clearly states : " powered by Petronas" at least on the German and Scandinavian markets. There might be other blenders/manufacturers on other markets. This I do not know. It also makes sense as Petronas is a major sponsor to the Mercedes formula 1 team. The deal between Mercedes and Petronas has been extended several times and it is understood that its most current contract, which was signed back in 2019, runs until the end of 2025.