What is the absolute best mainstream full synthetic oil?

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It’s about a 12 hour job to do the water pump and timing chains on these FWD duratech rigs. The parts aren’t bad if you’re willing to tackle it yourself. If not it’s really best to just trade it or sell it if you don’t have some sort of emotional attachment to the vehicle.
I'm probably going to go ahead and pay someone, to do my water pump, and rear main seal, because of the price of vehicles nowadays. I can't afford to have it done at the Ford dealership for $4500 I can have a local mechanic do it for a little over $2500, I can no longer do it myself, I have too many health issues.. guy I usually deal with, only has one bay, and really doesn't want to tie up his Bay that long.
Like the way you're thinking!
Part of my job is risk management and though you haven't got a situation yet, you recognize the likelihood of the risk occurring and the consequences. Weighing options for mitigation, you're taking the low risk/lowest cost preventative option.
I work in military aviation where they can't pull over on the side of the road and I don't find you're fears unfounded, irrational, or over reacting to your personal situation.
Here's to years of reliable transport. 🥂
I've been using M1 oils since 1978 at 10K OCIs. I may have put some 1.5 million miles on my Fords since then with never an engine, trans, PS pump, wheel bearing, or diff failure. M1 may not be the very best lube, but it certainly has performed well for me.
I toured HPL's facility in Manteno, Illinois today and after having an in-depth conversation with one of their chemists, I will have a hard time recommending any other lubricant products in the future. Other products from the likes of Mobil, SOPUS, and Valvoline are not bad by any means but I am convinced that HPL in fact offers THE BEST 👍
Cool 😎 I'm looking forward to the open house in August!
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