What is located below the oil sensor filter on a 2009 GM 5.3 with AFM?

Aug 25, 2022
Bit of a pickle here. I discovered the previous owner of my Silverado apparently tried to force a non-AFM oil pressure sensor on, snapped it off, installed correct one over it which is shorter. I was trying to size the right screw extractor (blind) and the small one -#0 - slipped loose and I don't know if it went in, or behind the motor (no room to feel or see above the tranny).

With non - AFM motors if it goes down it can hit the cam, but schematics make it appear that the AFM oil galleys drop from the sensor a bit forward of the galley to the cam - so I'm wondering whether it can be started or not if needed.

I might get a scope to look for it, but then the problem is how to retrieve it if it is in there.

(2009 Silverado 1500)


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Pull the Intake & VLOM (Valve Lifter Oil Manifold), It's not a difficult job! The left over part of the Pressure Sensor probably crushed the VLOM Filter.

The VLOM filter is very important as it keeps contaminates out of the AFM Solenoids.

The Sensor boss & Filter is right above the oil galley (centered).....If the filter is missing.....The extractor could've went down in the galley!