What is a VPN? A BITOG Guide

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Google maps EVERYONES SSID by state, town, street, and general house number. So I was wondering if someone with that information could obtain the IP address. I guess its a silly question but ... well .. .it was a thought, you know?
You know the google mapping truck that drives all over the country all day long mapping streets, at the same time it recording the SSIDs of all the wifi networks to make google maps more accurate.
If your on a street between GPS and WIFI it can tell by SSID almost within feet where you are.

I can't see the value in collecting the SSID, using a car driving by is not precise enough to determine if it's coming from my house or my neighbours for example and SSID's change. When you are using Google Maps from a cell phone, it is using the cell towers and GPS to determine your location, which is much more accurate, as it can use multiple cell phone towers to get a rough idea, or, if you have GPS enabled, know exactly where you are, absolutely no need for the SSID in that scenario.

Funny story on that:
My buddy lives in a smaller town, Google has mapped it MANY times, his SSID has been the same for probably a decade. It still constantly flags his house as being his neighbour's house, which is probably 1/4 mile down the road, and all his devices are Android.
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