What Does Your Animal Companion Do To “Intentionally” Annoy You?


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Jan 9, 2009
New England
My dog can’t help but put his wet freaking nose on me to get my attention, even though he should have figured out by now that he gets zero pets when he does this. I can’t stand when I’m sitting in my comfy chair and he bops me with his wet nose and then stares at me with those begging eyes of his. In the summer, while I’m in shorts, he bops me on the back of my exposed calf multiple time per day. I never reward this ridiculousness with a pet. Not once.

It’s both infuriating and a little bit hilarious. He‘s the smartest dumb dog I know. When I do pet him it’s like watching a drug addict take a hit. He gets real goofy and his eyes go weird. :ROFLMAO:
If we don't get up soon enough to feed the cat, first she'll yowl at us, but that progresses on to chewing on the tag hanging off our comforter. She knows she's not supposed to chew on things, but once she knows she has our attention she stops.
My neighbor has two German Shepherds that she lets run free. They haven’t started crap with my dog, but they sit atop something behind her fence and look down menacingly. For some reason, my dog doesn’t respond when they bark constantly on occasion; he isn’t bothered.

HOWEVER, as soon as we let him out on his long leash he stares directly in their direction and sounds off. Every so often, such as tonight, he‘ll bark wildly in their direction, even if they’re not there.

He’s a bit of a nut. I can only guess what he’s saying, “HEY, why are you ghosting me for ghosting you!!!”
We have dogs and an outside cat - I can barely walk sometimes because that cat is constantly trying to rub against my legs - most times I put up with it - she does a good job of keeping field mice and snakes away … But, man - it’s annoying …

My dog tries to lead the way, but his anticipation skills are for crap. He’s always under foot. He routine smacks into doors and walls because he’s so focused on what I’m doing.
My cats will steal food off my plate if I don't keep a close watch. They also nab chicken eggs.
AZjeff, these are eggs from my fridge and not from my neighbor's coop! They are the same eggs but my cats don't loot the coop. they are indoor prisoners with outside access only to a large balcony. My cats nicking food amuses me more than it aggravates me. There are currently 12 paws roaming my house. 4 of them are here on vacation.
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Nothing. My avatar dog Cooper is almost 12 and is my "best dog ever". I enjoy every minute I spend with him. Our other dog Ruby is 4 and is wife's dog. She occasionally counter surfs but that's on us if food is left too close to the edge. Dogs can eat more chocolate without getting sick than we've been led to believe it seems. I'd correct it but not my dog. Both are cattledogs.

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If I ignore the pug (ie she thinks I’m not giving her enough attention) she’ll get ahold of various articles of clothing, shoes, hats etc and leave them scattered around the house.

The shepherd will slam his antler chew on the hard floor several times to get us to notice him. He picks it up and slams it back down. Several times.

The cat will go to the end of the hallway while the dogs are in the kitchen with us. She’ll do a high pitched meow until the dogs chase her. Both are barking and howling and scooby do’n across the hard floor not getting anywhere. The cat is long gone by the time they get out of there.
I have a boxer, and she’s old (actually surprised she’s still going, thought we’d have to put her down months ago but she bounced back). But she annoys me by slobbering my clean clothes as soon as I put them on, without fail. If I’m dressed up (and that’s not often), she’ll come right over and slobber me. Like a heat seeking missile
Last night, I found my cats huddled in a corner working up a schematic for where they were going to deposit their hairballs. They were arguing about whether they should be placed on my path to the bathroom or the path to the kitchen.
I have two male Bengal cats, brothers, two years old. They eat a lot, small cans of Fancy Feast. Somewhere between 2 am and 4 am, one of the cats will start vocalizing to get me up to feed them. Second step is to get on the headboard of the bed and reach down with a paw and poke me on the scalp. Then, get under the bed covers and nip and paw at my toes.

Its usually time for me to get up anyway for a bathroom visit, so I put up with this. Otherwise, they are marvelous companions and I am pleased to be their guardian.