What do you think of this product, SK ZIC XQ 5W-40?

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Feb 3, 2003
I have been using Pennzoil 10W-30 synthetic (about $7.25 per quart) with Mobil M1-104 oil filter simply because they don't sell Mobil 10W-30 (100% synthetic) in Korea. However, after finding out that this particular Pennzoil belongs to Group III, I decide to try different product. This product I am now considering is produced by SK Corporation (www.skzic.com, English available but this product isn't available in English yet) and is available in 1-liter 5W-40 100% synthetic for $3.20. It advertises the following: *Excellent engine protection in extremely high & low temperatures *Remarkable anti-wear properties *Outstanding fuel economy *Exceeds all major car brand requirements of API SL, ACEA A3/B3/BR, BENZ, VW 502, 505. All my cars came with 10W-30 oil from the factory. Please tell me how 5W-40 will effect the engine performance and protection, fuel economy, etc. Please comment on this oil too. Thanks in advance. [Big Grin]
Forgot to mention that with this product, I will change the oil every 6,250 miles, which is about a year for me. I also use K&N filter to keep the oil clean.
Havn't heard of it. Can you get an MSDS in Korea? There is no reason (assuming your car is in good shape) that a good synthetic oil shouldn't go that mileage. I tried the site, but I'm at a 56K connection right now and it was taking forever in the English section. I doubt you'll see much performance difference. Is your car under warranty? [ February 04, 2003, 07:18 AM: Message edited by: Pablo ]
acelink, I wouldn't use SK ZIC XQ if I were in Korea. Here is what I've found on their website.
ZIC products are made from Yubase, a very-high-viscosity-index (VHVI) base oil produced by SK Corporation since October 1995.
Therefore, SK ZIC oil are Group III. How about Mobil 1 0W-40? I know that it is available in Korea. Also you know that it's 100% PAO synthetic. Another option would be Sigma PAO 0W-40 made by LG. I think 0W-40 is as good as 10W-30. [Smile]
SK is one of the largest producers of Group III base oils and is a major importer of Group III into the US. I would doubt that any of their synthetic motor oils are based on anything other than Group III.
Thanks guys. I learned a lot today. I am just wondering how SK is allowed to advertise ZIC XQ as "100% synthetic." Atleast, it must be better than the conventional oils.
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