What do you think of this dealer recommendations at her mileage?

Maintenance isn’t exactly the cheapest on BMWs, but the dealer is outrageous. I would never take a BMW to jiffy lube. Cabin filter probably needed to be changed. Air filter possibly. Brake fluid definitely. If she or her husband can’t do it, then they should pay somebody knowledgeable. If not, they shouldn’t own a BMW. I totally agree with you
Those prices seem to mirror our 3 local BMW dealers. Vehicle check is plugging in the computer, pulling codes, and updating software. Everything else is an hour + parts/chemicals/disposal. They will typically throw in a 'goodwill' safety check and wash. Most people don't blink an eye at the prices.

Which is why I let them do warranty work and nothing else. They did ask for receipts showing that the correct LL19fe+ oil was used prior to approving the last warranty repair.
I assume they just turkey baste the reservoir and call it a day lol?
If you have a lift, you can reach the bleeder screws fairly easily without removing the wheels. If it is a fixed caliper, you can usually reach the outward facing screw thru the wheel spokes.
Good reminder to avoid these German brands.
At least some of the dealerships...
So thats $1k with ~$250 in parts/fluids, and leaves $750 for labor. For lets say an actual hour doing the inspection and another hour for brakes flush and oil change. $375/hr labor rate anywhere near Missouri is pretty decent!
I wonder what the mechanic makes out of that? Would he actually get an hour for an inspection, and another hour for the oil and filters and brake bleed?
Most dealerships are trying to sell maintenance "services", so they can charge $500 for an hours work and $100 in parts/fluids. I mean I guess they can try to sell whatever they think they can get away with, and we can decide if we want to pay it... To me it seems pretty shady, but I guess it keeps lots of independent guys in business, as there is still lots of money to be made undercutting the dealer a bit.
Prices are high even for BMW dealership. My dealership here has $99 oil deals and I buy sometimes some stuff from them as they always give me 15% discount. Recently when I was upgrading intake manifold bought all gaskets and bolts etc. from them as they turned out cheaper than FCPEuro.
Once I replaced steering shaft thinking it was bad (guy who I gave car to replace something as I didn’t have time, didn’t torque properly subframe). It was $80 cheaper than Dorman on RockAuto.

So, I personally would shop other dealerships.
I don’t know which X3 that is, but I am assuming G01. Don’t know which engine and is it still under warranty.
If it is under warranty I would do what they recommend, but again I would shop other dealerships.

Brakes MUST be flushed. It is absolutely ridiculous that it is actually even discussed here as to why. If it has Brembo brakes I am thinking it is 4.0i although it could be 3.0i. Brake flush could be done at any shop or DIY, but again, car is probably under warranty.

In the end of the day, it is performance SUV, and unless person is ready to do some research or DIY, comes at price.
Keep in mind it is a BMW dealer in California, they are known for having the highest prices in the country.
Sounds like a BMW owner who isn't financially committed to proper maintenance of a BMW.
Probably. They can easily afford it since they make in the 7 figures a year not counting all of their rental properties all over the US. The BMW dealer probably pissed her off somehow and she wasn't going to give them her business. They don't keep cars for years, so I doubt she is concerned about how long it runs good for.
In the scheme of things $1k isn't much....but it IS an expensive 'tune up' at that mileage. Too much for THIS guy.

I honestly feel for women or someone who hasn't the knowledge when confronted by unscrupulous dealerships.
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My sister texted me the other day saying that the dealer wanted to charge her over a $1,000 when she took in her 2019 BMW X3 with 17,000 miles. She took it in for an oil change and they said that she needed to have these other things done.

Oil Change: $250 but they said they would give her a discount and only charge her $160.
Vehicle check: $269. She wasn't sure what that all encompassed.
Air Filter: $251.
Micro Filter: $165.
Brake fluid: $273.

I told her she probably didn't need those other services yet but if the Micro filter is the Cabin air filter, she is probably getting close to needing that. I told her to get in her owner's manual to see what the service recommendations are at what mileage.

I'm not familiar with BMW's or her vehicle so I don't know what the service intervals are for them. I think she refused everything but the oil change.

Having owned Audi's BMW's and Porsches I must say their maintenance is ridiculous. I have service all of my german cars anything I cant do I have an INDY who isnt cheap but it gets done correctly. If it were my car I would do the oil change and do the air and micro filter myself. We had a 2010 X3 and it wasnt too difficult. I would do the brake fluid every 5-6 years. Did that on my Audi's and BMW and drove them past 100k-150k. When I can no longer do it myself I will probably no longer buy German. Just an fyi Porsche wanted $500 for an oil change in my 911 in 2016 granted it takes about 9 quarts . 2 5 qt jugs at walmart M10-40 for about $55 and a $10 mann oil filter from Rock Auto , I think I can handle....