What could be causing bad shifting in Tempo

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Apr 10, 2004
My '89 Ford Temp with automatic transmission worked fine this morning. Took it for short trip tonight and all of a sudden it would not shift for a long time at a speed of about 29 MPH in low and then it would stay in second a long time and would finally go into third. Down shifting I could really feel it go into low. This came about all of a sudden. Is there a vacuum line that I should look for that may have come off? I did a quick check of the tranny fluid and it looked fine. I will give a closer check tomorrow but certainly there are no leaks where it is parked. Any ideas??
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I'd try a bottle of Trans X first.Its a solvent that cleans up sticky valves and such.I have had good luck with it in the past.However,if its wear or something broken its not going to help.How many miles on it? Could be just plain wearing to the point of breaking.
NHGUY I am glad you asked about the mileage. I was just going to edit my post. The car has just turn 30,000 miles. I know the mileage is correct as I have known this car since it was new. Thanks!
Sounds like it may be a bad kickdown cable. That cable connects the throttle to the transmission to control when it should shift based on how far down you are pressing on the gas pedal (thereby controlling line pressure.) I would avoid driving it until it can be fixed as the transmission will not be operating at the proper line pressure with that cable jammed up or broken.
I am just going to take whatever suggestions I get tonight and go out tomorrow and using the suggestions and see if I can track the problem down. What is strange to me is it just started all of sudden without warning.
Vehicle does not use a "kick down" T.V.cable. T.V. stands for throttle valve which provides operator feedback to the trans. like the kickdowns and modulator valves used to provide. Governor pressure must overcome throttle valve pressure in order for the trans. to upshift. Tempo/Topaz uses mechanical T.V. linkage from the throttle body to the T.V. valve inside the transmission. Most likely an issue with the governor not being able to provide proper pressure for an upshift.
You know you could be right about the grommet at the throttle body. Car has low mileage and the linkage may be stiff or seized and this may have ripped the grommet out at the throttle body. About a three dollar repair. Good luck.
Where is the transmission governor? I have my Chilton manual out and it makes no mention of a governor. Thanks By the way I think the linkage is okay
A quick Google search turned up this: ATX This transmission is a front wheel drive 3 speed automatic. Common symptoms are: Early soft, late hard shifts or no shifts at all. Listen up because this problem happens all the time. Always check the throttle pressure rod that goes from your transmission to your carburetor or throttle body linkage. This controls shift points and often the plastic little bushings that hold it on, get brittle from the heat, breaks into pieces and falls off causing symptoms above. Good Luck! I recommend that you always replace the boost valve when rebuilding any Ford transmission.
governor is internal to the transmision and run off the output shaft. It is housed under its own cover on the backside of the convertor housing and has a single metal bar that slides over it holding the cover down much like an old master cyl. lid
Radman, etc - The problem was the plastic bushing the connects the rod to the transmission. The bushing was gone and the rods separated from each other. Put a washer on it and snapped a cotter pin over and it's fixed. Total cost = 0 as my neighbor provided the washer and pin! Thanks for info as it sure did help!
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