What are you doing right now?

Waiting at the airport, EWR.

United departing gate with what appears to be an MD 11 FedEx parked by the warehouse. United flight climbing above.

Goethals bridge in the background with cranes from the Port of Newark container terminal in the distance on the left. Cars and trucks are on the NJ Turnpike.

Second photo of a green Jet Blue plane, never seen one in green.


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I just finished a stand for bee hives. I'm going to try my hand at bee keeping.

I took the local beekeeping classes and there is so much to learn, and some will be trial and error.
Letting the boxes air out, I stained one a week ago, painted one yesterday.

I will add a couple of cross pieces tomorrow for wind tie downs.

I can get bees next week.

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May want to tap some tress too and open a stand selling honey and syrup 😋 . Keep us updated on your adventure .
My shops 24-year-old refrigerator started sounding like a distant washing machine.
Pulled it from the wall and the back is fully covered except for a cut out at the bottom.
So not a bunch of dust. Turned out to be the water supply line flange rattling as it fell from the drywall.
I should do this more often... It came at a bad time because I broke several ribs 3 weeks ago but it
is all good. Basic Maytag is the fridge. Still looks great.
Trying to convince my dad to take me on a road trip tomorrow to Jack in the Box. Trying to figure out which one is closest to us. It looks like Conover NC or Hendersonville NC or Charlotte. There are several in NC but Google says one thing then says another as for which location is closest lol 😂. I love Jack in the Box just as much as White Castle. Wish we had them in Virginia.
Pricing out auto parts at the stores. Somethings I can get cheaper straight out than at work. Also looking for something to eat. Needless to say I’ve already went off on someone for not taking me to Jack in the Box. And I’m still laying into them and will continue to do so cause I’m angry I skipped my Chinese last night since we agreed on going to Jack in the Box today.

I have pickleball class tonight. Advanced volley.

I’m gonna die!
Turned out to be an amazing class

Really two great teachers. These guys really helped focus. Two hours of intense volley drills but they had these methodical practices to start and ease into hitting with accuracy and pace. I drove home exhausted sweaty and confident.
Semi-annual exterior perimeter spray with Termidor — it really helps with ant control. In CA we are only supposed to use the .03% concentration though.

Also spread some Talstar Xtra Granules in the flower beds near the structure and watered them in. How did I do, @fisher83 ?



Running secure disk erases on some older computers & laptops and then installing Linux Mint on them before donating them to the local outreach centre.
In my old Linux days I loved Mint and the beautiful home page and screen savers they offered... I'm sure you know what I am talking about.