Went to Mavis for tires!

Got a great deal at Mavis tires last year… using their online pricing and calling to get price confirmed… put them on next day… ended up returning first time because asked them to check brakes-they forgot but said they were fine that day… had them put brakes on for good price… then returned two or three times to get tires balanced as could feel vibrations ….
Gave up after third time and when got car inspected a month later… another place told me my bearing were so bad and something else that my car was dangerous to drive and no one should have ever put tires on the vehicle… frustrating and dangerous experience
I used to go to Mavis back in the 90's - sounds like nothing has changed. And yes, everything is crazy expensive in the northeast, I don't miss it one bit.
I consider them the absolute bottom of a list full of unskilled shops that border on a nuisance to society. DT, Pep Boys, Firestone, Tire Plus, NTB, etc.
So, they built a brand new Mavis less than a mile from me. First time I went, I was ignored by the guy at the front (who was the manager), he never even acknowledged my presence. So I left. Found out from a neighbor that the manager was let go within 30 days of opening. I went back and met the new manager. Very nice and knowledgeable guy. They did an oil change on my fleet vehicle. Did a good job and I could see everything they did.

Since then, I have let them do tires, brakes and oil changes on my fleet vehicles. Always a good experience and my appointment was always on time +/- 10 minutes.

They also put tires on my sons Kia once. He hit a curb on accident trying to swerve from a car that pulled out in front of him. Towed it to Mavis and they put a new tire on for cost of shop supplies ($12.00)

Overall, compared to many other I have been to, they have been the best by far. My NTB experience down the street from them was a disaster (they left the oil cap off after an oil change......that's for starters....)

Bottom line, it's the people, not the shop. Some shops seem to get worse people then others. Jiffy lube and NTB have never been a good experience for me.
Purchased Nitto Terra Grapplers for my F150 from them two years ago because they were the only close by shop to offer them. Said in stock, ordered and got price and appt, got there for my appt. - no tires. Two days later tires were delivered and installed. Total cost was much higher due to additional fees that were not itemized in the web quote ( but most shops also do that). Last year made an appt for tire rotation, sat there for two hours. Done with that shop.
My wife's CRV needed tires this year and we went to BJ's. In stock, no hidden fees, done as promised.