Went shopping for Turkey yesterday. Fail.

Delicious! I’ve only had one that a friend shot and then made turkey nuggets with. It was amazing, I’d love to try and make one the traditional Thanksgiving way.

I suppose the requirement to use non-lead bullets makes them safer to consume? I remember talking to someone who used to hunt squirrels with a .22. Said that the area around the bullet wound has to be cut out. I guess there's also archery.
no Shortage here...
if anyone is looking and has a Meijer near by, we're selling turkey's Like Hotcakes.
Meijer Brand 33¢/lb
Honeysuckle White 79¢/lb
Butterball 99¢/lb

unfortunately for the OP, we're not in WV, and their nearest would likely be in Lancaster, OH. which is still a good Hour/Hour and a Half up 33 from the Ohio line...
Maybe Lexington Ky. depending on where in WV they are.
Sav-A-Lot is advertising i think 89 cents a lb if you buy $25 worth of groceries.. i think thats a bad move on their part.

In my area the news keeps talking about Thanksgiving being the most expensive ever..which is making people hoard up.

Im not worried either way about the turkey.. I will likely only eat a pound or so over the holidays- my dogs will get their fill.. and i want to try to make some Turkey Soup.
Spotty here but I could get one if I wanted for $.69. I don't give in to hype-- there are plenty of cheap hams around and I got one of those.

People stashing turkeys for years in deep freezes are incurring an opportunity cost. They could use that real estate for faster turning over meats that retail for $8/lb but are on sale for $4/lb every two months or so.
my wife was at a local giant eagle (south western pa )and they had one turkey in the freezer she said it was like12 pound turkey for $55 ...in my book they can keep it for that price. But I'm sure someone will buy it

Someone that has more money than they have sense. I've never seen the day I'd pay over $1/lb. for a whole turkey. It's just not one of my favorite meats. Now $10/lb. for a good t-bone, maybe.
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.39cent per pound turkey when you spend 25 dollars or more in store Pretty easy to do I usually pick up 5 or 6 for the year It’s some cheap eating.
I'm dancing in the street. My older stepson and stepdaughter who both have the pallet of a seven year old are not coming for Thanksgiving so my wife is having a Turducken made.
Daughter works at a SaveMart supermarket and picked up a 22 lbs Butterball to bake and today I picked up a 12 lbs Jenni O to deep fry, gonna have a crowd over this year, :LOL: