Weaver pads fit tight

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Apr 17, 2012
West Michigan
This is the second time I have noticed this, first time was they economy pads and this time is their premium ceramic line. When installing new pads with both new or existing anti rattle clips I find the inboard pads fit so tight that it feels like they are binding. This includes with new clips as well as with the olds ones wire wheeled and cleaned up as well as a LIGHT coat of brake grease on the pad flanges.

Has anybody else ran into this issue? Any ideas? I've run into this on rear brakes on two separate vehicles so far.
File down the sides of the ear that fits into the clip. Re-coat with a good coat of grease to protect the newly exposed metal. Every aftermarket pad I've installed has needed this.
Like sciphi says, file down the ears of the pads.

And next time, go buy some proper dealer OE or OES pads. Spend the extra $20-$30/axle on pads that were actually tested and validated for your vehicle's platform...not some aftermarket pad that probably uses 2 or 3 formulas for all the vehicles on the market.
Yeah I've run into this and ground the ears down. Doesn't take much. I don't think people talk about it much because "OMG you're modifying your brakes."

Sometimes I throw the rattle clips away when things get tight. And it doesn't rattle.
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Sometimes I throw the rattle clips away when things get tight. And it doesn't rattle.

Or just clean and re-use the original ones. The aftermarket hardware tends to be a [censored] in terms of fitment.
They stay clean! They're stainless. Either the pads are too small or the bracket has some rust swelling. They're just the right size to pitch...
all 8 pads from the powerstop z16set I installed had this problem

took a grinder to the ears about 3-8 thousands off before they would actually slide.

they were so big they wouldnt even fit on.. First time I did brakes on a subaru.. so I'm thinking uh wth am I doing wrong...

nothing apparently.
The pads I've been purchasing lately, which are Wagner ThermoQuiet pads, have not had this problem, but I have had this problem with several other pads. Normally I end up filing the ears down, I've done this several times with no problems to report. However, If I had to pick, I'd rather get pads which are stamped correctly.
They don't laser cut or plasma cut the backing irons of the pads,they stamp them out.When tooling gets dull it stretches and "shears" the steel.There is no QC after that to machine the irons to length.Just a case of spitting parts out like loaves of bread with no expense spent to repair tooling.Sounds like the Chinese and their stamping operations of phoney body parts.
I just installed a set of Wearever premium ceramic pads on the rear of my 2010 Equinox a few days ago. I used the new clips that came with the pads. New Wearever rotors, too. No issues to report with how the pads fit or how the brakes stop. And pads and rotors were only $100 with online coupon codes.
You have to remove the rust that builds up between the mounting brackets and the anti rattle clips. As the rust build up under the anti rattle clip it lifts the clip up reducing clearance making the new pads fit tight. You can grind the pad ears down a bit but the proper way is to remove the rust by removing the bracket and wire brushing it or sandblast it in a blasting cabinet i have used both ways and they both work well.
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