Washing memory foam pillows

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Dec 30, 2006
Has anyone ever done this? I have a memory foam pillow that got some dryer sheets laid on top of it. Now it has a really strong perfumey dryer sheet smell (I've noticed the older I get,the more I hate "scents"). I've read two different takes on this (searching online). One that says you can hand wash them in a gentle detergent solution,then allowing them to air dry,and one saying not to saturate the foam with water,but to wipe them with a damp cloth. I was thinking of hand washing it in the sink with a mild solution of Woolite and water,then air drying it thoroughly.

Anyone ever washed these things before?
Call the manufacturer.

I would think that letting them air-out in the outdoors for a few days should take care of the scent.
I actually tried leaving it in the direct sun for a full day and the dryer on gentle cycle,no dice (this happened last weekend) and the dryer sheet smell is still really strong. Funny how those things smell pretty good till it's all over everything!!
Throw it away and buy a new one. Life is too short to mess with rejuvenating a pillow.
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Throw it away and buy a new one. Life is too short to mess with rejuvenating a pillow.

Haha yeah,I know. I actually bought a new one a few days ago,but just not as comfy as my old trusty :^) That darn thing was over $100 retail (but I got it for next to nothing back when I used to work in retail). My new one is a Walmart Tempur-pedic imitation.
I have this one. But, it is shredded memory foam, so the wash directions the company emailed me in followup to the delivery may not apply to a solid memory foam pillow due to the difficulty you may have getting the center of the foam completely dry.

A few more tips on taking care of your Adjustable Deluxe Shredded Memory foam Bamboo pillow.

-To Wash : Wash pillow in cold water , regular cycle, with no bleach. Wash with two pillows to balance the washing machine or place a large towel if only one pillow is available.

-To Dry : dry on permanent press with normal heat. It will take about 2-3 hours.

You can also air dry in the sun , which will take 8 - 10 hours. Make sure pillow is completely dry before use.

-We recommend to wash the pillow every 6 months as washing and drying revitalizes the foam.
^^The part about washing and drying revitalizing the memory foam definitely makes sense. Mine's several years old and probably smashed down,haha. But it's SOOOO comfy!! I'm gonna try a hand wash in the sink with Woolite this weekend.
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Is memory foam closed or open cell?

I`m not totally sure. But when I take it out of the case,it just looks like a big sponge.
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