Warren, Warren, and Warren

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Feb 24, 2011
I've been a little confused about the various Warren oil companies. Doing a little googling, it looks like Warren Oil, at warrenoil.com, makes a lot of stuff, including Warren, Saxon, Lubrigold, Lubriguard, Itasca, Duplex, Coastal, Empire, Enviroil, Genuine, and Gold Band motor oils. Then there's Warren Distribution/Warren Performance Packaging, who are responsible for Mag1 and Accel oils. WNE and WSE seem to be included under WD/WPP. Warren Unilube seems to be part of Warren Oil Inc.

Do I have this right? Are there other Warren oil companies that I've missed? Is there any relationship, whether business or familial, between Warren Oil Inc., and WD-WPP?
I have a bottle of Autozone ND30 that has the WU logo on the bottom of the bottle so then that would be Warren Unilube. AZ used to stock the Unilube line but I can't remember if they still do.
AZ used to have the unilube in their greases and the grease for the brake lubrication.
I've never seen a unilube branded motor oil with them.
Usually it was hidden under the Coastal or house AZ branded oils.

Now it's all duralast and you don't really know what you're getting.
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