VERY Short Winter Trip on Summer Tires


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Apr 7, 2010
I think almost all the higher grip summer tires have rubber that will crack at lower temperatures, expensive or not. I ran BFG sport comp2's on a few -1, -2C frosty mornings and they were not round for a couple miles... I'm sure at -10C they would crack. They still gripped pretty well, even in the wet around freezing but the odd cold morning means I can't run a summer tire past September.
You shouldn't really store a car on summer tires if it gets below the -7C IMO, put them in bags in the basement, and get some bald all seasons for free and slap them on some steelies.
I have always stored them on the car in my unheated Michigan garage without issue. (previously Pirelli P-zero summer) I always overinflate them to about 45 psi.