Valvoline up for sale...

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Good lord jesus! Valvoline oil ,t he company itself is for sale? i can see mobil or castrol ALL over this; ( You know whats gunna happen..their gunna re formulate it into THIER oil, jsut as bosch has done with purolator oil filters..or discontinue valvoline all together.
This is sad: ( My car always runs superquiet on valvoline, and i have a good 12 pint bottles of the discontinued additive, i wanted to add to valvoline oil only.
This is old news and has be discussed ad nauseum.

Ashland is selling Valvoline because it is deemed non-strategic (it is their only consumer products division), and they need to reduce debt resulting from some of their recent acquisitions.

It is extremely unlikely that Valvoline will be purchased by Royal Dutch Shell, ExxonMobil, or BP for anti-trust reasons. The Valvoline brand will remain (it is not worth much without the brand name). Valvoline buys much of their base stock and additives from other companies.

Rumored potential buyers include Prestone (Honeywell) and some private equity firms.
At closeout prices I'll stock up on some, and break a 30+ year streak of not using it.
I was at Walmart in London, KY last night. They had Valvoline full synthetic MaxLife on clearance for $13.00 for the 5 quart jugs. I bought all the 10W-30 they had even though I do not use 30 grade oil, but, I know some folk who do.

For comparison, their Maxlife blend is $14.00 a jug and their conventional is $13.00 a jug.

I don't think this has anything to do with Valvoline being for sale, just happened to be in right place at right time. I doubt they even know Valvoline is for sale.
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Because the new owners will probably screw up the brand. I love Shell products anyways.

Did you feel the same way when Pennzoil and QS lost their independence were purchased by Royal Dutch Shell?
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