Using a little hot-rod tech on industrial equip

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May 21, 2012
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Our Clark S120SXL forklift was badly in need of service. This is my first time getting my hands on them, and it couldn't have come soon enough. The stock Lucas Electronics coil had corroded out and fried itself (surprise surprise), along with a host of other problems. One thing I noticed was that the exhaust pipe coming off of the engine was as radiant as a lava flow. The air intake canister felt like a BBQ grill to the touch, the seat plate was like a frying pan, and of course, having a rear mounted radiator, the cooling system was ingesting this furnace air. Solutions? MSD Blaster 2 for High Vibration applications. OEM Lucas was not available anywhere; not that I wanted that POS. DEI Titanium Exhaust wrap. Engine runs alot better and starts faster without that old and busted Lucas coil calling the sparks, and now that the exhaust pipe is wrapped, radiant heat is down to where I can put my bare fingers and palm within a quarter inch of the pipe, comfortably. Seat plate is cool to the touch, as is the air intake can. Edit: Ignore the tape on the air canister. Clip was missing, and I put that there after ordering it. New one will be in tomorrow.
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Nice heat control...amazing what a little insulation application can do for you...
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The stock Lucas Electronics coil had corroded out and fried itself (surprise surprise)
Quit saying that name! Note that I owned 2 British Leyland cars as a kid, one was a Triumph TR-4 and the other an MGB-GT. I learned a lot about Lucas! At least the TR-4 was halfway quick with some work. The poor MG could never get out of its own way...
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