US flight 297 11/30/09 - a terorist dry run?

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d00df00d, The burden is on AirTran/TSA to tell what really happened. I assume AirTran doesn't want a CAIR lawsuit like up in MN a while back.
If these guys were really testing the waters, why would they expose themselves and have their lives, cell phones, records, associations, etc., exposed and scrutinized by Gov't Security Agencies? It would hurt their infrastructure, IMO.
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Why would they dress in costumes that flag them as possible threats, and do everything in their power to draw attention to themselves in a negative way? And for no reason?
One word: Lawsuit. They know the U.S. is a bunch of pantywaists who'll roll over in a second rather than give offense to anybody.
If they were trying to draw the maximum attention, then I seriously doubt that they are what they were portraying.
If 11 people got on a plane like that and caused that kind of commotion there is absolutely no way they'd be allowed back on the same plane, even if they did a search of all their stuff and found nothing out of the ordinary. Those 11 people would be brought back into the airport and detained for many hours, and questioned by many different people. Never in a million years would they be allowed back immediately onto the same plane.
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Sorry, smells like baloney sammich. Most of it does at least. Does not completely get past my Big Smelly detector.
Exactly. Hogwash.
I still haven't seen an explanation why the entire flight crew refused to fly. Did they really refuse to fly b/c someONE wouldn't put up their cellphone?
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