Upside: Definitely not worth the hassle

Jan 25, 2009
I've been a member here for a bit over 13 years now and this will be the first time I'll be telling folks to avoid a rebate program.

Three headaches in a row. All three times I had to go to customer service for the rebate. The first time it required two emails. The second time I only got about half the rebate, and now I'm officially stiffed.

If I didn't have to spend so much money on gas I wouldn't have bothered with this. Going forward I'll be using Kroger's credit card program, Costco, and whichever credit card gives me 5% off on gas.

I know the folks who work there are the messengers... not the message. I wish them well but I'm no longer interested in using Upside.
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I did it for a month and made like three dollars. You don't get paid until you hit 50 dollars so i got zip. Not worth my time messing with it either.

It seems there is only real discount if you use it for restaurants and services not just fuel.
A few details, like the one above ($50 threshold) would help paint a picture.

When these things take on any structure (accrue so much to prime the pump, etc.) it's garbage-speak.

The worst "rebate model" is the teeny weeny coupons needed for liquor rebates. They're impossible to fill out.

The reps can't answer a question, "May I use a separate sheet of paper?"

Also, in this day and age, since "they" record everything about people they can, there must be a "sucker / chump" classification they use contingent on how many stupid hoops they can induce us to jump through.
I love paid 19 dollars on a gift card. The big money is on groceries and restaurants. I combine mine with my TMobile thanks 25cents off of shell and with upside I can usually get another 10 cents back so I'll take 35 cents off gasoline anytime. They're giving a 10 dollar bonus if you go to one of their restaurants twice by Aug 14 on top of the 15 to 20 % back.

My cash out was easy and quick and was only 10 dollars not 50 limit like op,s
Dunno, I’m up to several hundred dollars already, I’ve been sending it to PayPal & spending it, every time my total gets over $50. Blows Speedy Rewards (Speedway) out of the water. It’s not foolproof, they’ve missed a couple.
If I drove a company car I would make a lot more on it. I’m up to about $15 with minimal effort. But I only fill up about every 2 weeks.
If I drove a company car I would make a lot more on it. I’m up to about $15 with minimal effort. But I only fill up about every 2 weeks.
When you drive a 7500+ pound company van, sometimes as much as 300 miles in a day-it doesn’t take long! Usually Upside is good for $2-5 a day, pretty much every weekday.