Updated List of Dedicated MTF Fluids

I wanted to ask if it could be considered as an alternative to motul? Are you familiar with these compounds? Probably from the "zols" eh?
I am very familiar with each chemical component.

Similar, yes, but not exactly a copy.

If each fluid's viscosity is on the order of 13.5-15 cSt@100C then one could be substituted for the other for a 75W90 grade.
Is it safe to assume any DCT fluid of appropriate viscosity and GL-4 rating can be used in a manual transmission? There are a few like Pentosin FFL-3, Motul Multi DCTF, Redline DCTF, etc. that cross reference with MT specs like BMW MTF-LT-5. However, there are a few that do not list GL-4 or the MT specs such as Motul High Torque DCTF or Pentosin FFL-Racing, but they do list other DCT fluids in the datasheet.