UN wants to ban plastic bags

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Mar 21, 2006
Las Vegas NV
A top U.N. official on Monday called for a worldwide ban on single-use "thin" plastic shopping bags, the kind you get at the grocery store.

"Single-use plastic bags which choke marine life should be banned or phased out rapidly everywhere," said Achim Steiner, head of the U.N. Environment Program, according to McClatchy Newspapers. "There is simply zero justification for manufacturing them any more, anywhere."

Nothing to worry about. The UN can't enforce anything. It will employ hundreds of people from enpoverished countries to sit around and talk about plastic bags for a few years, and then monitor their decision for more years. Watch out when the French get involved, a French company will be hired to process plastic bags into drinkable water in the Sahara Desert. In short, can you name a UN mission that has ended or started accomplishing its goals??
No need to get everybody's righteous panties in knots by banning anything. Just teach the selfish pigs to dispose of their garbage properly, and then ensure that whatever company or agency is responsible for it after that does likewise. Don't ban anything, ever, just increase the penalties for littering and polluting so that it hurts bad when you act like a swine.
Instead of banning them altogether, the manufacturing process should be modified to be made from something that decomposes with time and/or the elements. For example one store here has bags made from corn oil and it decomposes.
I was under the impression that these bags were either photo or bio fragmentable. Held together with corn starch or something. It appears even if so, the process takes a while.

Why do my expensive plastics photo degrade in next to no time ..and the cheapies last so long?
these bags make an island in the Pacific Ocean greater than the size of Texas, killing all marine life, and our supply of sea food.
We are killing off our food supply, because we are too lazy to use re useable bags.
Oh, by the way, I do recycle my plastic bags, so you greenies don't have to get your undies (if you have any...) in a bundle.

In Ontario because we got nothing better to do
They have removed shopping bags from Grocery stores and you are now charged $0.05 per bag if needed. They do sell reusable cloth bags for $0.99 and Carry Baskets for $5. They have also eliminated the sought after nice thick plastic bags from our LCBO stores (Liquor Store) and are doing the same thing or you have a choice of a paper bag which is recyclable.

Everyone else seems to be going to this way too as I have seen them start selling reusable bags, so I would imagine that they will be eliminating the plastics.

Good for the environment, but a pain in the arse because you gotta carry a gazillion bags and/or basket into each store with you and it takes up space in the cart!
Weren't these bags supposed to "save the world" when they were introduced many years ago? I still prefer the good old fashioned brown paper bag - I can fill 'em up full. Insted of carrying like 4 plastic bags out of the store, I can stuff everything into 1 paper bag.

But more importantly - screw the UN!
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If I get a credit to not use plastic bags (e.g. discount on my order), Ill do it. Similarly, if the stores start charging for plastic bags, Ill avoid using them.

To attempt to outright ban them is another thing. All the plastic bags by us that I see are labeled biodegradable. We use them as garbage bags, and never throw them away in the trash. If we have too many (rare because we get credits for bringing our own bags to the supermarket), we take then to the recycling bin at most any store that we go to.

If a company wants to make it in my favor to not use them - give me a discount, or just don't offer them, period. A store could just add the bags to the purchase price like Ikea, but I'd hope for a reasonable recovery in purchase price of my elements if that is taken out.
Our supermarkets don't give us discounts for brining our own... Just don't charge us the $0.05/bag. The prices at the store didn't get cheaper when they started this B.S. either!
Originally Posted By: JHZR2
If I get a credit to not use plastic bags (e.g. discount on my order), Ill do it.

Safeway gives us around 3c per bag credit if you bring your own. Taiwan banned giving out free plastic bags except when cooked food is involved (you can't expect people to bring a bowl to buy take out food) for sanitation reason.

I don't see what's so bad about it. If you don't like it, you can always switch to the newer bio-degradable bags or paper bags.
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