TV Rabbit ears

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Oct 11, 2004
upstate n.y
I live way out of town and do not have cable tv at my house, I do not watch much tv anyways but have purchased the digital converter box needed to watch tv now that they are converting over to digital, I was using a roof top tv antennia for a while but the ice storm back in Dec 08 wrecked it and I switched to the( Rabbit ear) type antenna, that sits on top of the tv or placed in various locations for better reception. I would like to stay with this type of antenna and am wondering if anyone knows of a perticular ( type,brand,etc) that is tops in performance as far as tv rabbit ears go. Im now using a set from wally world that seems to work pretty decent but am wondering if these type's of antenna's are rated as good,better,best. You folks helped me out aprox 4 years ago when I asked about a certain radio that would pull in the signals from afar and of course helped me out as alway's so Thanks in advance... kkat
I would like to know too... My mom has a TV in the kitchen that's not accessible by cable because of the cabinetry etc. So I want one for my mom to get her Oprah in the kitchen. Thanks for posting! \:\!
Do a search on You Tube for "coat hanger" TV antenna. The parts needed to make one comes out to be about $5. It gets the job done, especially if you live in a metroplex. My mom is still on broadcast TV and she went from 3 channels to about 10 and is happen with the transition.
i built a couple of the 'coat hanger' antenna - they work pretty good. i use a converter box for the old tv, hooked up to the antenna the reception is good and i get about 18 stations. i used the 2nd antenna with the digital-ready tv and its also great.
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