Tree felling, 101.

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More fun at the huntin' camp! Almost like pulling the trigger on a big buck.
I try to be precise when falling and can do pretty well in the woods, but around buildings is always exciting! We cheat and put a line on them, but even then, I don't think I'd try that one unless we had a really good reason!
Nice work
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What percentage of this was skill vs luck?

Nearly 100% skill. It seemed like at ideal tree, but there's lots of ways to mess things up and lots of ways to get "unlucky" too.
Also he must've known that the landing was near ideal too, as the trunk can move quite a bit after the crown hits. It looks like telephone pole straight white pine which should have a soft crown. If that tree was a hard wood with some larger branches it can make the trunk move quite a bit on impact.
Probably the guy could do the same cut on the same tree better than 19 times out of 20, but he would also pass on many trees in similar situations. A hard side lean would make that cut much harder to aim that accurately.
around here they would cut it down to size with a bucket truck, or offroad high lift.not drop that long a tree in tight space

very impressive.
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