TRC motor oil for detroit diesels?

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Oct 11, 2017
I have always used Detroit SAE 40 (Delvac by Mobil) in my 6V-92 marine engines. Mechanic that I recently used recommends TRC oil for better lubrication and longer wear. Does anyone have experience with TRC motor oils for diesels? I have not used their DD oil, but I have been impressed with their CJ-4 and CI-4 15w-40 in other applications. The Delvac is a good product, but it would be interesting to know what experience your mechanic has with the TRC product in Detroit 2-strokes. If your mechanic has TRC products in stock, see if he has any of their diesel fuel treatment. Most people that use it in older diesels are pleased with the results.
I have no experience with the 92, and just a little with the 149. Most of my experience is with much bigger Detroits. I would use the Delvac 40 weight, if it has been working for you.
Delvac … used to see it run in the 8V92’s … and they’d rev them just screaming fast !
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