TRC Engine Oils

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Jan 30, 2007
Clovis, CA
TRC = Texas Refinery Corp A new oil for you guys to check out. I found out about from a friend who runs it in his pickup truck. I don't think I'm allowed to post a link, so PM me for the link.
I rather not just based on principal of a very archaic unfriendly website. Some products have fairly current API service category certifications.
They are well known in industry, and don't need a website to sell their product. I don't disagree that a nice website is a good thing, but like many of the specialty oil companies their products are primarily sold by independent salespeople (usually to commercial accounts). My family has used their products in earth moving and farm equipment for about 5 years. Out of all the products they offer, the 880 Crown and Chassis grease is probably the most well known.
What I found interesting is what they said here: "PRO-SPEC® base stock, along with an outstanding additive package, means no varnish, gum or sludge build-up on internal engine parts."
Finally!!! Someone using the "PRO-SPEC" base stocks. Thats the most difficult stuff to dig outta da ground, no? thumbsup
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