Transmission leak 2001 Saturn L 100

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Feb 15, 2005
I have a very small leak on my 2001 Saturn L 100. I thought about just changing the transmission filter and putting in high mileage transmission fluid. The leak may not be at the pan. I wish this car had a transmission where I could the level like the old but it is more like a manual transmission where you have to remove the top plug to see if it's full. Next question. I got a cheap filter kit but I'm thinking about taking it back and getting a Wix filter kit. Any comments?
Did you check to see if any of the bolts on the tranny pan are loose? Maybe they just need to be tightened up. How much fluid leaks out per week or month?

What type of filter does the tranny have? Is it a strainer type with a metal screen or is it an actual filter? I've used Wix filters and other cheap ones. I couldn't tell the difference. The only difference was noticed when I changed the fluid.

I would use Valvoline max life ATF on your car.

Regards, JC.
Well I will put it up on ramps tomorrow and check it. I will take a photo of the leak also. It seems to be a small seep. The filter is a strainer type with a screen. I have always run Mobil One ATF in it. I have tried Max life atf in my other cars and have really like it.
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