Transmission flush and fill on a 2006 Corolla 94,400 miles

I bought the Transmax Full Synthetic at Advance Auto parts 12 quarts for $48 or $4 a quart. Bought online and picked it up at the store a few years ago. It was a good deal at the time. I could not touch that price today I don’t think. The receipt was still in my email I just found it. It was 12 loose quart bottles not in a case in fact they handed it to me in a Delvac carton and some other carton, not Castrol. However I checked their website and it seems they no longer carry it. The car does shift smoother it is hard to tell it is shifting. That is just a first impression. I might expect further improvement after another drain and fill when it would be over 3/4 fresh Transmax fluid. It is $6.49 a quart at now.
OK, last weekend I did a 2nd drain and fill,this time I got 4.2 quarts drained out of the 7.7 qt capacity. Now it is about 78% Castrol full synthetic. The 2nd drain and fill did make quite a difference. I immediately noticed that shifting from Park to Reverse there is no thump at all. There is no sensation now just in reverse. Also the gear shifting has no sensation, can't really feel it shift gears. You hear the change in engine RPM that's it. I think I will stop here.