Toyota Sienna AWD Rear ABS Sensor Stuck

Jan 24, 2011
Long Valley, NJ
Hopefully someone can offer some advice to help me out. Vehicle is a 2006 Toyota Sienna AWD. The Brake, ABS, VSC and Low Tire Pressure lights came on after I noted some ABS activation when pulling away from a stop. I researched this and came to the conclusion that I have an ABS problem. I removed the two front ABS sensors, cleaned them up, Checked the tone rings, checked for sensor resistance (roughly 1,000 ohms each), checked for system voltage at the connector (roughly 4 volts on both sides), and reinstalled. Then I attempted the same procedure on the rears. I removed the ABS sensor bolt and bracket, but the sensor was stuck tight. This vehicle has 240,000 miles in the salty northeast, so corrosion is always an issue during repairs. I tried tapping, twisting, prying, etc. Evenutally I wedged a thin screwdriver under the ABS base, but I broke off the sensor. The base of the sensor is still in the mounting hole. I have applied liberal amounts of PB Blaster to this side and the other side and I am letting it sit overnight. Probably should have done this BEFORE breaking off the sensor. Does anyone have any advice fro getting the remaining part of the ABS sensor out of the mounting hole? There is a short metal core that I was thinking of grabbing tightly with a Vice Grips and twisting while prying up. Also, any advice for keeping me from breaking off the other side? Finally, is anyone familiar with where the sensor plugs into the vehicle wiring harness after it enters the vehicle body in the wheel well? I looked for a two wire connector under interior panels in multiple places without luck. The front sensors were easy because I could simply follow the wire under the wheel well liner with my hand and unplug. The rear connector has me stumped right now. Thanks in advance.
Drill bit, hammer and chisel. If you replace it, clean out the rust completely. Then use anti seize or marine grease. something on the steel hole to prevent water from rusting it again.
At this point, you're pretty much looking and drilling out the remainder of the sensor. There's no way around it. It's a miracle you got the front ones out, at that mileage and in a salty area you should consider yourself lucky! When you drill out the rear, just be sure not to nick the tone ring on the axle. I tried to look up a diagram for you to help with the connector location, but the factory drawing from Toyota leaves a lot to be desired. Try following the wire up from the sensor and make note of where it enters the body. Then, go inside and start taking things apart until you find it. I would be willing to bet you'll have to remove the 2nd and 3rd row seats, the kick panel trim, and the rear quarter trim to find it. It should be on the floor, probably not more than 4-5 inches from where it passes into the body cavity.
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Don't use a drill - rather heat the knuckle and the plastic sensor will come loose.
I was thinking this as well. Heat then use a small needle nose vice grip to pul it out. Or else pre drill with a small bit, then run a decent screw into it, heat the screw, then pull the screw out with the sensor hopefully attached. Don't want to get too much heat in there to effect the bearings... and don't want to get too much junk in the hole that could affect the new sensor. Believe the recommendation when I did this on my bmw was some sort of moly grease.
I would try what is suggested above. Drill a hole and sink a screw into it, then heat around it with a torch and pull it out. Other wise replace the bearing if it falls in. I'm surprised you got the screws/bolts out of the bearing body. They frequently snap off and you just buy a new bearing set with the new sensor attached.
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Not that other methods won't work, but I've only seen shop guys drill them out. Like said, being a 2006 in rust belt use, those things have become one with the knuckle. Rears get more of the salt spray.