Toyota Camry Undercarriage Mess

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Mar 22, 2012
Berks County/Pa.
Was coming home from a friends house on Monday and he lives off a back road, it was foggier than [censored] out there and I ran off the road and over some debris. The next morning under further investigating, my damage was pretty bad. I bent up the floor board on the passenger floor in the back and also put two long six inch slices in the floor board also. What I did is put bondo over the slices and let it harden for the whole day. After that I sprayed two coats of rubberized undercoating on top of the bondo. Thank god I didnt bend the frame or total the car at that. My question being -- will my quick fix be safice for years to come living in the salt belt?
If you want to go with a bondo solution, make sure any sealed body areas stay sealed, and any drains stay open.

Also it is better to support the bondo from the back with some wire mesh or screen. If it is just trying to cling to an edge chances are it will come loose when kicked or bumped.
Bondo is at best a very temporary patch, get it welded. Chances are it can be done with very little patching.
Chip guard the repair then undercoat.
How about some pics?

If you don't want to spend money, cut up some old sheet metal from a file cabinet or computer case, run it into the floor with self tapping screws, and undercoat over that.

You'd want seam sealer to keep moisture out. Can get it from NAPA but if that's too much trouble just get some silicone caulk.

What year/ value camry are we talking about? Edit, I see it's the 06 in your signature. Put some effort in to do it right, that's like an $8000 car right now. You also have to endure future years of state inspections; they might not see the humor in your patch.

Does your exhaust mid-pipe hang lower than usual, or did this off road excursion bend it up?
No I did not bend up the exhaust at all. Guess im gonna try scraping off the undercoating & bondo & see about getting it welded. I should have used the silicone caulk probably for a temporary fix instead of bondo. Learning lesson & thanks for the feedback everyone!!
Truly im not sure how I did it, I just recall coming out of it sideways, I should have taken pics before posting -- my bad. Probably keep the car for at least another 4 years hopefully. Purrs like a kitten and gets between 28 to 35 miles a gallon with my mixed driving.
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