Tired of people that refuse to prepare ....

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I'm talking rich people - people that can afford to prepare and just dont?

I'm getting bail out fatigue.
I'm all for helping poeple but after some number of rescues its time to man up and take care of your own.

"Well my power is out for the next three days" can you loan me a generator?
But you have a generator right? - yeah but it wont start and I only have 5 gallons of gas anyway and that will only last 8 hours -
Did you get the transfer switch put in? No i canceled the guy I didnt want to spend the 500.00...
Didnt you drain the carb like we talked about? No I forgot.
"I sold my snowblower last year" ..
I cant get more fuel I cant get out of my own driveway because I dont have a 4x4/ and or snow tires even though this has happened every year for the last 4 years.

On a different note - prep or buy a grounding plug just in case if you have an inverter generator and test your setup before you depend on it.

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After Hurricane Andrew in 1992 I prepare for hurricane season and expect ZERO help from neighbors, Police, Fire Dept, friends, family, etc….
After Katrina, I saw you couldn’t count on the Government, Police, and anyone else to help you. You need to to protect and survive yourself. After seeing those people suffering changed my feelings about the government.
“Rich” people. Big hat, no cattle.

You can tell the type. They dont do the right things because they use that money for the “show”…
You are right that there is a "type", but it isn't always rich people. I know plenty of capable "rich" and "not so rich" people that are always willing to help and well prepared.
They do say that in a disaster for the first 72 hours you are on your own. It depends on the disaster and where you live. That figure could be much longer.

People’s expectations have to be pared way back as well.
Part of the problem in the San Bernardino mountains is that the County was poorly prepared. San Bernardino County is the largest county in the US. But like most governmental agencies they will complain that they don't have enough money and a large number of their employees are incompetent. Supposedly maintenance on snow removal equipment was lacking and that is a big part of the lack of men and equipment getting up the highway to help.

Some people are now at the two week mark of being snowed in. A lot of private/charity type groups are going in to help since the "authorities" are unable to do what is really needed.

But it sure emphasizes the need to be able to fend for oneself. Thinking that someone else is going to save you isn't really a "plan". We have seen it around the country with other disasters like hurricanes or floods.
Yep, for sure. Learned that lesson with Hurricane Hugo. Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to prep for a hurricane or bad storm . It's been covered over and over thousands of times . And if you've experienced just one you're an expert now . Apathy and laziness abound though . I have no sympathy for those folks .
Even before I had a generator I considered myself reasonably well prepared. Anybody remember the big northeast blackout of 2003? When it was clear the power would be out for a while, work closed and they sent us home. A little dodgy since apparently very few people remember that when traffic lights are out they become 4-way stops :oops: . Got home, pulled the rope on the opener to get my car in the garage, rounded up the camp lantern and flashlights. Lit the gas stove with a lighter to make dinner, and when I heard on the radio that water was losing pressure, I filled the bathtub so I had some. Read a book by the camp lantern, and it was actually quite peaceful until the power came back on later that night. No big deal.

Next day, folks were ranting how their cars were trapped in their garages, had no idea what to do without electricity, had no water, and were basically helpless. They must have thought I was MacGyver. :ROFLMAO:
I used to love to help people, but now it feels like it's more or less expected, which I don't particularly have an issue with but helping someone time and time again and they do nothing to try to help or prepare themselves for the inevitable "next time...".

Just kinda drained me from wanting to do things for anybody really.