Tire Recommendation for ES350 Grocery Getter

Aug 30, 2004

MIL’s 13 ES350 (215/55-17) will need new tires in the next 5-10K miles.

The current set of Michelin Premier A/S have been in-service for 5 years and 28K. They are between 4/32” and 4.5/32” remaining - rotated every 5K.

Service life really isn’t a concern. I prefer to replace tires every 5-6 years and she will only drive 30-35K during this timespan. Wet traction and ride quality are the main focus.

Cost isn’t a concern since I will likely receive a generous prorate credit on the current set.
Ive never been thrilled with Michelins. I got Pirellis for our ES350 and cannot recommend. They might be good tires but Ive had zero luck...first "bubbled" sidewall Ive ever experienced.

I think the next set will be Continentals. Ive had good luck with the DWS Extreme for my "performance" sedans, and their HT truck tire on my RAM.
Had good luck with Cooper CS4 but not sure if they still make them.

I also have good service from Michelin Defender T+H, wet traction has been fine in spite of the Tire Rack test results. They have been excellent combo of quiet and nice ride.
The Michelin CC2 is probably my new favorite all-around wet-weather tire. Nothing wrong with the Bridgestone quiettrack recommendations either. Yokohama yk740 has some good press locally, which may just be a discount tire exclusive.
Can you use grand touring summer tires? They would give you good wet traction and ride quality :unsure:

The Goodyear EfficientGrip is a good price, under $500 for the set of four. Have them installed somewhere, and you still come out ahead.

As you know, Michelin costs more, but if you're still interested, they do have the Primacy 3
We have the previous version pirelli p7s on the wife's car. No complaints at all. Quiet, ride well, and seem to be wearing evenly. Wet traction has not been an issue.