Thoughts on some Oil Burning.


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My thoughts on adding the MMO the last 500 miles was to act like a solvent. I did an oil change with ST synthetic 5-30. No indication of any solid crud on the drain so I stuck with the plan to keep the filter in place for 3, 3k OCI's. When I change it I will cut it open and share.

I hit 600 miles on the current OCI. Checked the oil level this morning and the dip is showing full. Yes, I am a little bored! Interested to see what we get as the mileage builds.
If it does end up using a lot of oil, might be a situation for Mobil 2. Keep the oil you drain out of your newer vehicles and use that to top up and burn. I'm sure the oils come out pretty clean from the newer vehicles. I need an oil burning beater to use up my used oil lol. Sadly I think my newer cars use more oil than my beaters, they barely ever need any top up at all.